Egg & Cheese McMuffin at McDonald’s with Price

If you’re a fan of simple yet satisfying breakfast options, look no further than the Egg & Cheese McMuffin at McDonald’s. This timeless favorite offers a delicious combination of flavors nestled between a warm and toasty English muffin, making it a go-to choice for breakfast enthusiasts around the world.

What is the Egg & Cheese McMuffin?

The Egg & Cheese McMuffin is a beloved breakfast sandwich that features a freshly cracked Grade A egg and a slice of melty American cheese sandwiched between two halves of a soft and fluffy English muffin. This classic combination creates a harmonious blend of savory and creamy flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds with every bite.

Introducing the Egg & Cheese McMuffin – a perfect choice for vegans or anyone opting for a meatless breakfast. This delightful McMuffin features a savory fried egg and melted cheese nestled between a fluffy English muffin. It contains:

  • English muffin
  • Egg
  • Slice of cheese

Enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast with the Egg & Cheese McMuffin from McDonald’s.

Nutritional Information:

  • 295 calories or
  • 1236 kilojoules

Here’s the nutritional information for one serving of the dish:

Protein15 g
Carbs27 g
Fat14 g
Salt1.1 g
Saturates5.0 g
Saturates2.6 g

Egg & Cheese McMuffin Price

The price of the Egg & Cheese McMuffin varies depending on the location and any ongoing promotions or discounts offered by McDonald’s.

Price : £2.39

We are following the updates and the information is relevant in 2024!

Why Choose the Egg & Cheese McMuffin?

There are several reasons why the Egg & Cheese McMuffin remains a popular choice among McDonald’s breakfast options:

  1. Simplicity: The Egg & Cheese McMuffin is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. With just a few quality ingredients, including a freshly cooked egg and a slice of melted cheese, this breakfast sandwich offers a satisfying and flavorful start to your day.
  2. Convenience: Whether you’re grabbing breakfast on your way to work or enjoying a leisurely morning meal, the Egg & Cheese McMuffin is a convenient option that can be enjoyed on the go or at the restaurant.
  3. Customization: While the classic Egg & Cheese McMuffin is a timeless favorite, McDonald’s also offers the option to customize your sandwich by adding ingredients such as Canadian bacon or sausage for an extra burst of flavor.

How to Enjoy the Egg & Cheese McMuffin?

The Egg & Cheese McMuffin is available at participating McDonald’s locations during breakfast hours, typically from the early morning until around 10:30 AM. Whether you dine in at the restaurant, use the drive-thru, or opt for takeout, the Egg & Cheese McMuffin promises to deliver a delicious and satisfying breakfast experience.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or trying it for the first time, the Egg & Cheese McMuffin at McDonald’s is sure to satisfy your morning cravings with its classic combination of flavors and comforting simplicity. Treat yourself to this breakfast favorite and start your day off on the right foot with McDonald’s Egg & Cheese McMuffin.

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